Grid-Tied Inverters

 Grid-tied inverters operate based on sophisticated technology, available from 2 KW to 6KW, these inverters are equipped with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking )capability with wide input range from 150V to 600V, providing excellent system design flexibility. Also featuring a protection rating of IP65 and built-in DC switch, the MPI series inverters work comfortably outdoors and allow ser-voicing and maintenance to be performed safely.


Max. Conversion efficiency 96%.
Wide MPPT voltage range from 150 to 600v.
All inverters are built in with DC switch compliant to the latest VDE0126-1-1 terms.
Power saving feature allows inverters to consume only 0.1 W in standby mode.
Compact, lightweight, and Transformer less design.
Easier to install.
Housing in all sizes are IP65 rated, suitable for indoor and outdoor application.
Anti-islanding and GFCI safety Protections.
Versatile communication interface options include RS232, USB, GSM/GPRS/LAN/wireless module, SNMP.
Web card and RS 485 modbus card (optional), allowing user to monitor system via Internet.
Intelligent PV monitoring software included to notify user when failure.
Inverters can be series-connected.

Max Input PV Power 2340W 3510W 4700W 6500W
PV Open VDC 500V 600V
Nominal VDC 360 ~ 400V
MPPT Voltage Range 150~ 500V ¡À5% 150 ~ 600V ¡À5%
System startup/Initial Feeding Voltage 100V ¡À5 % /15V v ¡À5%
Working/Shutdown Voltage 100V ~ 500V ¡À5% /80V 100V~600V¡À5%/80V
Full Rating Working Range 250~500V 250~600V
Max Input Current 10A 15A 20A 30A
DC Ripple <10%
DC Insulation Resistance >8m ohm
DC Switch ON/OFF 20A ON/OFF 30A
DC Connector Tyco or MC contact(1pair) Tyco or MC contact(3pair)
Attached DC Connector Tyco or MC contact(1pair)
Nominal/ Maximum Output 2000/2200W 3000/3300W 400/4400W 6000/600W
Normal Operational Voltage/Range 230V/198~256V
Operational Frequency Range 50/60Hz Auto Selection
Nominal Output Current 8.7A 13A 17.4A 26.1A
Output Current Distorting THD <5%
Power Factor > 0.99
DC Current Injection < 0.5% of inverter rated output current
Normal/Night Standby Power Consumption < 7W / < 0.1w <10W/<0.1W
Conversion/European Efficiency > 95% / > 94% > 96% / > 95%
Ground Current/Frequency Detection Range 0~500mA / 0~700Hz
Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Operating Temperature / Humidity -25~55C / 0~95% RH Non-Condensing
Heat Dissipation Convection
Acoustic Noise <40dB,A-weighted, up to 20KHz
Altitude Up To 3000m without power derating,5C derate for each additional 500m
Physical Dimension/ Weight 352*300*133mm/14Kg 252*420*143mm/14Kg 550*300*143mm/21Kg 550*420*143mm/27Kg
Conforming to VDEO126-1-1/dk5940/G83/RD1663/AS4774/CE VDEO126-1-1DK5940/CE VDEO126-1-1/RD1663/DK5940/AS4774/CE